I have had art in my blood for as long as I can remember. I can’t think of a time that I wasn’t drawing or painting, which has always been the best way to funnel my energy and creativity. I have no better “voice” than creating with my hands.

“Is that a photo or a drawing?”  As I’ve developed my technique through the years, I began working from photographs for my drawings and paintings.  I often spend up to 100 hours on a piece, so each one becomes very personal.  I literally get lost in the process of trying to capture a subject and make it even brighter and more detailed than it is in a photo or in real life. I use shading, texture, layers, and patterns to convey more than simply what a certain subject looks like, but it’s essence as well.

Years of photographing, drawing and painting the human form have helped me find that there is a physical language, flow and vibration that we all possess, but are often totally unaware of.  In some of my work, the forms want freed from the small, dark, confined spaces in which they’re held captive.  Other pieces show the way we all reflect light, color and movement differently even while staying perfectly still.  

I love to observe reactions when viewers realize a piece isn’t a photograph. I challenge each and every viewer to examine my work closely, to take away a little bit of what I experienced while creating them and to find their own interpretation and meaning.


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